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Kate Oswald Wilkins, Ph.D.

Dean of General Education & Common Learning, Director of Assessment, Professor of Communication

Interest and areas of expertise
  • Regularly presents original research at national and regional communication conferences
  • Research Interests: Religious Rhetoric, Organizational Communication, Health Communication
  • Served as communication consultant, exam writer and textbook reviewer for several publishers, and article submission reviewer for several scholarly journals
  • Hobbies: Painting, tennis, hiking, working out, reading, baking, cleaning my house, drinking good coffee
  • Ph.D. in Communication Studies
    Bowling Green State University
  • M.A. in Communication Studies
  • B.A. in Communication (Art minor)
    Bluffton University
Classes I teach

  • COMM 105 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication
  • COMM 333 - Business/Organizational Communication
  • COMM 341 - Communication Theory
  • COMM 359 - Rhetorical Theory
  • COMM 493 - Communication Senior Seminar

Faculty Research and Scholarship


  • Published paper for Basic Communication Course director’s conference
  • Attending the Instructional Communication & Research conference in January




Dr. Oswald Wilkins, the department’s other co-chair, focuses many of her efforts on improving and measuring curriculum progress within the department. Her conference coming up in January aims to improve general communication classes for all students. In addition, her recent paper presentation focused on how students learn and how to know if they come out of a class with improved skills. Oswald Wilkins said, "Being involved in scholarship helps me give a face to the theories and concepts I'm so passionate about teaching students. It exposes me to new ideas to teach students about. As someone who teaches theories to students, doing my own research helps keep me sharp in those ways. It helps me to never fail to sympathize with my students when they're doing their own research projects."