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George F. Pickens

Professor of Theology and Mission



(717) 796-1800 ext.2802

Interest and areas of expertise
  • B.A., 1980, Kentucky Christian College
  • M.A, 1984, The Ohio University
  • Ph.D., 1997, The University of Birmingham, England
Classes I teach

I’ve been blessed to have lived for extended periods of time on four continents (North America, Europe, Africa, Asia), and during this time I’ve studied and experienced Christianity as a world religion. Not only is Christianity the largest religion in the world, it is also the most diverse, and I enjoy introducing this rich and dynamic global Church to students. I also direct Messiah’s Program in Peace and Conflict Studies, and I have a particular interest in the relationships between religion and global peacemaking.

My current research and writing includes promoting Interfaith Leadership as an urgently needed form of global peacemaking, and studying the interfaith leadership of the Apostle Paul.

I enjoy spending time with my family and participating in local interfaith efforts. I am an ordained minister in the Church of the Brethren, and I’m also an avid traveler and reader of contemporary fiction.