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Samuel P. Wilcock

Professor of Statistics



(717) 796-1800 ext. 7092


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Interest and areas of expertise

Statistics education, biostatistics, nonparametric statistics, experimental design, regression analysis, and statistical education. I also do freelance consulting in a variety of areas.

  • BA Major: Mathematics, Minor: Statistics (Messiah College)
  • MS: Statistics (Virginia Tech)
  • PhD: Statistics (Virginia Tech)
Classes I teach

STAT 269: Introductory Statistics
STAT 281: Applied Stats for Management
STAT 291: Statistics for the Mathematical Sciences I
STAT 292: Statistics for the Mathematical Sciences II
STAT 324: Advanced Statistical Methods
STAT 325: Experimental Design
STAT 331: Nonparametric Statistics
STAT 325: Time Series Analysis
STAT 407: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Profile & selected publications

Dr. Wilcock is a graduate of Messiah College, and joined it as a member of the faculty after completing his doctorate in statistics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) where his dissertation focused on nonparametric experimental design. While there he taught several undergraduate courses and consulted on numerous research projects. At Messiah he has taught over a dozen different courses, and enjoys finding more effective ways to help students grasp course material and relate it to life and faith. He and his wife Joy live in Dillsburg with their five children, and attend Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church.


Leaving Christendom to Follow Christ, chapter in A Living Alternative, Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom World, Ed. Harader and Green, etolloc Publishing, (2014)

Statistical Projects in the Age of IRBs, paper presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Boston, MA (2014) in the session entitled The Statistical Classroom: Student Projects Utilizing Student-Generated Data

Rapid Assessment Tools for Conserving Woodland Vernal Pools in the Northern Blue Ridge Mountains, (with E.D. Lindquist, D.K. Foster, and J.S. Erikson), in Northeastern Naturalist 20(3), 397-418.

Is the World Ready for a Simulation Approach to Introductory Topics?,invited panel at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Montreal, Canada (2013)

A Bayesian Secondary Analysis in an Asthma Study, paper presented at the biennial conference of the ACMS at Westmont College (2011)

A Bayesian Secondary Analysis in an Asthma Study, updated version of paper presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings in San Diego, CA (2012)