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Diane D. Brockman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology



717-796-1800, Ext. 2138

Interest and areas of expertise
  • Human mating behavior
  • Consumer behavior
  • Performance management in sports
  • B.A. Psychology (Shippensburg University)
  • M.A. Counseling Psychology (Immaculata College)
  • M.A. Social and Organizational Psychology (Temple University)
  • Ph.D. Social and Organizational Psychology (Temple University)
Classes I teach
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Community Psychology

Dr. Brockman’s research interests include Human Mating Behavior, Consumer Behavior and Organizational Behavior Management. She has authored several articles including the forthcoming article, The Function of Fashion: Mating Strategies and the Consumption of Clothing in the United States 1850-2000. Additionally, she has worked with various organizations, including the Philadelphia 76ers and the Washington Redskins to develop behaviorally based programs for organizational performance improvement.

Samples of Published Work
  • Applied Behavioral Economics and Consumer Choice.  Journal of Economic Psychology
  • Optimal Foraging Online: Increasing Sensitivity to Delay.  Psychology and Marketing