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Dottie Weigel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Higher Education/Director, Graduate Program in Higher Education Leadership

Interest and areas of expertise
  • B.S. in English, King University
  • M.S.  in Student Development, Appalachian State University
  • Ph.D. in Higher Education, University of South Carolina
Classes I teach
  • HIED 511: Foundations of Higher Education
  • HIED 512: Organizational Culture and Governance in Higher Education
  • HIED 513: Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
  • HIED 515: Strategic Leadership in Higher Education
  • HIED 550: Student Development in Higher Education
  • HIED 551: College and University Environments
  • HIED 552: Student Affairs Practice
  • HIED 562: Internship in Higher Education

Dr. Dottie Weigel is an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Graduate Program in Higher Education Leadership at Messiah University. Her research interests include transition in the first college year, with a focus on the experiences of third-culture students. Dr. Weigel has published and presented on topics such as reflective practice, integrative learning, and navigating college transitions. In 2016, Dr. Weigel co-edited and published Transitions, a textbook for first-year students at the University of South Carolina. She is currently writing a chapter on assessment for an upcoming book on supporting first-year students on academic probation. Prior to her faculty appointment at Messiah University, Dr. Weigel served in various administrative roles within first-year programs, service-learning, residence life, and career services. She is an active member of professional student affairs organizations such as NASPA and ACPA and served as the Bottom Line editor with About Campus. She currently serves as a review board member for the Journal of The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition. In May 2019, Dr. Weigel was honored with the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award. She is an advocate for graduate students pursuing professional development opportunities and is committed to helping students stay abreast of trends and issues in higher education.