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Krista Hamlen Imbesi, M.F.A.

Associate Professor of Film, Video and Digital Media Production

Interest and areas of expertise
  • Research Interests include ethnographic media, gender analysis in film, social justice documentary, and collaborative filmmaking processes.•
  • Her documentary "Where We Belong," exploring orphan issues in Jinja, Uganda, was accepted to numerous festivals worldwide and has won several prestigious awards.
  • Hobbies: travel, playing with her two daughters, kayaking and fishing
  • Co-owns the production company Cap Collective Video Production with her husband Christian
  • Her work mostly focuses on documentary projects, with her recent film topics ranging from land theft and non-violent activism in Northern Uganda, the relationships between Western and Ugandan workers in orphanages in Uganda, the current state of sex trafficking in Pennsylvania, and an exploration of how the protestant church views and responds to emotional abuse in relationships.
  • M.F.A. in Media Arts
    University at Buffalo
  • B.A. in Communication (Film Concentration)
    Messiah College (Studio Art minor)
Classes I teach
  • COMM 105- Fundamentals of Oral Communication
  • COMM 203- Basic Video and Editing Techniques
  • COMM 320- Film and HD Production II
  • COMM 380- Advanced Topics: Lighting
  • IDNW 200- Global Indigenous Media
  • COMM 420 Jr/Sr Film Practicum