Art (Business) Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Art (Business) Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Art (Business) at Messiah College

The Bachelor Degree (B.A.) in art (business) combines hands-on Art and Design classes with core business courses to equip you with a strong business aptitude and comprehensive artistic background.

While earning your art (business) degree at Messiah College, one of the top Christian colleges in the U.S., you’ll develop the fundamental knowledge of art and art history while gaining valuable expertise in the classroom and studio.

Program emphasis

You’ll learn the critical business skills to become proficient in marketing, economics, business law and e-commerce—all in a Christian liberal arts setting. This program is designed for those who are interested in positions of art organizations and promotion.

Student opportunities

As a student, you will have opportunities to intern with graphic design firms, galleries, museums and public art institutions. You may even choose to study off-campus through a variety of cross-cultural programs including the Gordon Orvieto Program in Italy, Temple Rome and Wesley College in Sydney, Australia.

Equipped with a diverse set of artistic and business skills, you’ll be ready to start a career in arts management, business, marketing and promotion.

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Students in the art (business) program take a selection of courses that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.
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