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Messiah’s Best Shot

Messiah’s Best Shot

Messiah’s Best Shot

Together at Messiah we can keep our campus community healthy, safe and moving forward. Messiah’s “best shot” for getting our campus life back to normal is for our students and employees to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

While not mandated, we greatly appreciate our students and employees who have already been vaccinated for COVID-19, and we continue to encourage as many as possible to continue to do so. Widespread vaccination of our campus community provides the best opportunity for us to return Messiah to regular pre-pandemic operations, and to make university life feel much more like it is supposed to be for everyone.

Read Messiah FAQs re: the COVID-19 vaccine

There are many individual benefits for vaccination against COVID-19. Fully vaccinated students and employees:

  • Are significantly less likely to get seriously sick and be required to isolate
  • Encounter fewer challenges to participation in certain off-campus activities.
    • While Messiah is not requiring students to have the COVID-19 vaccination to enroll this fall, some enhancement programs, such as cross-cultural experiences and other international travel, may require students to be vaccinated. Additionally, some off-campus program partners, such as school districts for student teaching or healthcare clinical sites, may require students to be vaccinated to participate.
  • And most importantly … have a higher level of protection from serious infection, hospitalization and from spreading COVID-19 to others

And of course, with an increase of students and employees who are vaccinated, there is a collective community benefit of a reduced risk of spread of COVID-19 on campus—particularly in our congregate settings such as residence halls. 

Don't forget to update your VAX status!

It is important for Messiah to know from a public health standpoint how much of its population has been vaccinated. Current students and employees who have been vaccinated, are in process of being fully vaccinated, or have had a booster shot, should submit proof of vaccination, i.e., your vaccination card or other medical documentation, to the Engle Center.

How to upload your proof of vaccination or booster

  • Go to the Online Health Portal;
  • Follow the instructions. 

Note: It is important to submit documentation of your first vaccine dose (if you are receiving a two-dose vaccine) in addition to the documentation of your final vaccine dose and/or booster shot. 

Submitting proof of vaccination with the Engle Center is the only way to equip the campus medical team to confirm your ability to participate in cross-culturals and other specified campus enhancement programs. It also provides valuable community health data for the University's planning of mitigation and health and safety protocols.