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State representative presents College with citation recognizing Centennial year


Respresentative Sheryl Delozier and President Kim Phipps
In recognition of Messiah College’s 100th anniversary, the Honorable State Representative Sheryl Delozier, visited campus on Oct. 15 to present President Kim Phipps with a special citation honoring the College’s Centennial year. Delozier, who represents Pennsylvania’s 88th legislative district (which includes Messiah College’s Grantham campus), attended a reception with members of the College’s board of trustees and the President’s Leadership Council, of which she is a member, to personally present the citation to President Phipps.


The citation reads in part: “Whereas The House of Representatives of Pennsylvania is always pleased to recognize those institutions which contribute in a meaningful way toward the well being of their communities and ultimately to all the people of this Commonwealth: and …Now therefore (we) congratulate Messiah College upon the joyous celebration of its centennial anniversary; offers sincere best wishes for continued growth and educational excellence in the years to come…”





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