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Chinese Studies Bachelor Degree (B.A.) ChineseStudies 1.jpg

Chinese Studies Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Chinese Studies Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Chinese Studies at Messiah College

Become knowledgeable, confident and competent in Chinese language, history and culture as a Chinese studies major at Messiah College.

“中文课欢迎你! zhōngwén kè huānyíng nĭ !”“Welcome to the Chinese class!” Chinese is spoken by more people than any other language in the world. This major will help you build a wide range of highly marketable skills that global–minded employers desire. Messiah’s Chinese studies major provides broad preparation in the Chinese language and culture while also giving you the flexibility to complete a second major—or even two minors—in other areas that interest you.

Chinese studies major distinctives
Career options for Chinese studies majors
Internship opportunities for Chinese studies majors

Program emphasis

From ancient time, Chinese people believed it is essential to know another person’s culture before entering their territory. This is particularly true for those interested in business and missionary opportunities in China.

You won’t simply read textbooks and attend class lectures to complete the course requirements for this major. You’ll have the unique opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture firsthand through an exciting semester of study abroad in China where you’ll live among other international students. You will easily meet and interact with many Chinese students!

Benefits of a Chinese studies degree

China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Learning Chinese language and culture will equip you with a better understanding of China’s culture and people, and will make you more effective in your profession whatever the path you chose.

After graduation

After completing your Chinese studies degree, you’ll be prepared for a career as a translator or interpreter in secondary and higher education, missions, international business, law, journalism, government or the Foreign Service. Many students wish to continue on to graduate school to specialize in Chinese, business, international studies and many other fields.