Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Criminal Justice at Messiah College

Restorative justice is at the heart of the criminal justice degree program at Messiah College, a top-ranked Christian college in Pennsylvania.

The bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice at Messiah College will equip you to be an agent of social change and will encourage you to actively work toward what one sociologist calls “the good society.” Throughout the criminal justice degree program, you'll study the causes and responses to crime and the many criminology theories associated with it.

Criminal justice major distinctives
Career options for criminal justice majors
Internship opportunities for criminal justice majors

Restorative justice

In the criminal justice program, which combines liberal arts study and professional major, you will also study issues related to crime and justice from the restorative justice perspective and will grow in how you think about responsible citizenship. Steeped in biblical principles, restorative justice seeks healing, wholeness and reconciliation for all parties touched by crime.

Hands-on learning

As a criminal justice major, you spend much of your time applying your classroom learning to real-world applications—through study abroad opportunities, research or service projects and internship experiences. All criminal justice majors are required to complete at least one of the above before graduating.

Christian faith

Christian faith is also integrated into the criminal justice degree program in all possible ways, including classroom curriculum, service, guest speakers, faculty research, and most importantly, a student's daily experience with professors and classmates.

As you work toward your Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice, you'll be prepared to work in a variety of criminal justice related fields.