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Travel Blogs

Thailand-2013 Blog : Follow Debbie Loop and this year's nursing students in Thailand


Debbie Loop


Nursing students going to Thailand


Nursing students in Thai dress


Thailand-2012 Blog


Debbie Loop


Messiah Students in Operating Room in Thailand


Zambia - 2013


Wanda Thuma-McDermond
Messiah Students in Zambia J-term 2013

Zambia - 2012 Blog


Wanda Thuma-McDermond
Messiah Students in Zambia for J-term 2012


Zambia - 2011 Blog


 Wanda Thuma-McDermond                                             Zambia Group 2011


 Tara Jankouskas      


Read Wanda's Letter - Letter from Wanda 1-16-11

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