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Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition Science, B.A.



Nutrition Science Lab The Nutrition Science major is designed for strong science students who wish to pursue careers in nutrition research, public health, or medicine.  Students study general, organic, and biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, statistics, basic food science, and nutrition science.  As a part of a team, students design and carry out research projects in an area of interest to them.  Students completing this major will be prepared to apply to graduate school in nutrition or public health, or to medical school or other graduate-level healthcare programs (dentistry, occupational therapy, physician assistants).  Students interested in medical or other graduate level healthcare programs will work with the Coordinator of Pre-Health Professions Advising in addition to their Nutrition adviser to select appropriate courses and electives for their career goals.  For information about the requirements and advising for graduate-level healthcare programs please see the pre-health professions advising website.


Nutrition Science Major Curriculum (64 credits)


Information about all courses taught at Messiah College can be found in the Online Course Catalog.  Several of the upper level courses in this major are taught every other year.  Therefore, careful course planning is especially important for this major.  General course scheduling guidelines can be found under the Course Scheduling Guidelines link.


Curriculum Notes: 


1) Students who wish to use this major as preparation for medical school should take the PHYS 211 and BIOL 385/6 options and should take PHYS 212 and a genetics course as electives. 


2) The Nutrition Science major does not satisfy the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics academic requirements.  Nutrition Science majors who wish to have the option of pursuing dietetic registration should take NUTR 331 as a part of the major, PSYC 101 as a social science general education course, and the following additional courses:  HRM 120, NUTR 352, NUTR 341, NUTR 411, NUTR 410,  NUTR 412. 


3) In order to progress into the Medical Nutrition and Advanced Nutrition courses, students must achieve the minimum GPA criteria specified in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Policy and Procedure Manual. 


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