Emergency Response

Emergency Response

As a Christian college, Messiah has a responsibility to respond to a crisis situation in a way that reflects our faith commitment and our care for one another as a Christian community. Messiah College is committed to act responsibly with integrity in a crisis with evident preparedness, compassion and honesty.

The safety and well-being of our students and employees are of highest priority to Messiah College. To ensure this priority, the College recruits and trains a campus task force of administrators, faculty and staff to facilitate calm, quick and effective responses during emergency situations. In conjunction with local, state and federal authorities, the College’s Crisis Management Team is prepared to respond quickly and appropriately in times of emergency.

Everyone on campus plays a role in providing a safe environment for all who live, work, study and visit here. Join us in being vigilant and responsible by familiarizing yourself with your particular role in the College’s emergency response plans and understanding how Messiah College will communicate with you in a crisis.

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