Messiah University's response to COVID-19

Messiah is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.

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Falcon Fitness Center

Falcon Fitness Center

Falcon Fitness Center

The Falcon Fitness Center is home to all your fitness needs. The fitness center is an impressive 14,374 square feet and is filled with state of the art cardiovascular, strength, and group exercise equipment. The Falcon Fitness Center’s mission is to make fitness opportunities accessible to all individuals on campus, regardless of one’s fitness level and background. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on all things fitness at Messiah. Stay active!  

Staying consistent with the campus wide no-guest policy, the Falcon Fitness Center will be open to Messiah University Students (undergraduate and graduate) and Messiah University Employees. You must bring your Messiah ID with you each time you access the fitness center. Passing an ID card or using an ID card other than your own may result in an up to two week suspension of fitness center access. To activate your card, follow this link to our waiver. For a detailed video on how to access the fitness center, follow this link .

Reservations will be required to access the fitness center. For more details on reservations, and other COVID-19 related policies and procedures, read the "reservations" tab and the "adjusted policies and procedures" tab below.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is requiring that all fitness facilities operate at 50% occupancy. To assure we stay at or below 50% occupancy, and to avoid turning people away at the door, we have implemented a reservation system. 

Reservations will be made through ImLeagues (the same app used for rec sports and group exercise classes). Create an account by going to and then utilize the web app or download the mobile app. Detailed instructions on how to book a reservation are located here

Reservation details: 

  1. The fitness center is broken up into two areas. The first area is titled Cardio and Weight Room One. This is all the equipment when you walk in and turn left (light grey floor). The second area is Weight Room Two. This is all the equipment when you walk in and turn right (black floor). For at least the first two weeks of school, Weight Room Two will be closed. Here is a helpful video to show you what is available in the Cardio and Weight Room One section. 
  2. Reservations will become available 48 hours in advance. For example, at 2:00 p.m. on Monday you will be able to book into any slot still open on Monday, Tuesday, and up to 2:00p on Wednesday. The 3:00p Wednesday and beyond sessions will be locked and labeled "coming soon." 
  3. Reservations will be open every hour, on the hour, and last for 50 minutes. 
  4. Individuals can book up to two sessions on a single day. These sessions can be back to back to give you a two hour workout or two different times throughout the day. 
  5. If spots are open, reservations can be made up until, and 30 minutes into, a session. 
  6. At 50 minutes in the hour, a fitness center monitor will announce the time and encourage all those who do not have another reservation to leave.  
  7. If you have reserved a spot and can't make it, please drop the reservation. Continual "no shows" may result in a two week suspension of fitness center access.
  8. ImLeagues is a free app and is prone to "glitches" from time to time. Thank you for your patience, especially with our student workers, during these times 
  9. Here is a video that shows what it will be like entering the fitness center with these reservations 

Please send any questions regarding reservations to Alexa Glatfelter at


At Messiah University we have been blessed with an amazing fitness center. As a community, it is now our responsibility to keep this center, and equipment, in state of the art condition. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules and policies of the Falcon Fitness Center. Exercising here is a privilege, not a right; failing to follow any of these rules may result in losing that privilege and further discipline by the University.

Fitness Center Rules

  1. A reservation is required - click the "reservations" tab to learn more.
  2. All members must sanitize their hands prior to entering the fitness center.
  3. All members must confirm they have filled out the COVID-19 Falcon Health form within the last 24 hours and remain symptom free. If you are not feeling well, please do not enter; follow appropriate campus wide policies and procedures. Here is a helpful video to show you what arriving at the front desk will look like.  
  4. Masks must be worn at all times. This includes while exercising. Messiah University and the Fitness Center are committed to following federal and local guidelines in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. On July 1st, the Commonwealth of PA announced a universal mask requirement and on July 15th there was a follow up to this announcement, where fitness centers were specifically mentioned. 
  5. Equipment must be sanitized before and after use. In some areas paper towels and spray bottles have replaced pre-wet wipes. Please make sure the paper towel is fully "soaked" before using it to sanitize any and all equipment, before and after use.
  6. Where present, please follow one way traffic signs on the floor. 
  7. Machines have been spread out and closed when necessary to assure a distance of 6 feet. Please do not move any equipment or attempt to use a closed machine.
  8. In certain areas "maintain social distance" dots have been placed throughout the floor. When areas are crowded, please stand on or near these dots to assure social distance in the weight rooms. A helpful video can be found here
  9. Fitness Center Employees will be reminding all members of these new and important policies and procedures. Our team is committed to doing this with grace and patience. Please respond with the same. 
  10. If there is an instance of repeated rule breaking, or any disrespect for an employee, a minimum two week suspension of fitness center access will be put into place for individuals.

Here are some other helpful videos to show you what being in the fitness center will look like: 

Picking a machine

One way traffic flow 

Cleaning equipment 

Keep that mask on

Keep six feet of distance 

Thank you for your commitment to keeping our campus safe, healthy, and open! 

Fitness Center Dress Code

  • All dress code policies outlined in the Messiah University Student Handbook must be followed while in the fitness center.
  • Shirts and athletic shoes are required at all times.
  • Sandals or open toe shoes are not permitted.
  • Jeans, Jean shorts, belts or any other clothing with metal objects are not permitted.
  • On poor weather days bring a separate pair of shoes. 


At this time both alumni and retired employee memberships are not available for purchase. Please contact Kevin Ogden, Director of Campus Wellness and Recreation, with any questions.

The outdoor basketball courts are reserved throughout the day for wellness classes for credit and fitness center group exercise classes. The schedule is listed below. When not reserved the courts can be used on a first come first served basis if the these policies and procedures are followed: 

1) No pick up, or competitive, games of any size are allowed 

2) Social distance practices need to be followed at all times during activities/events. If social distance can not be maintained the activity is not allowed 

3) There is a limit of two people per half court while "shooting around" 

If you would like to reserve the outdoor basketball courts please contact Alexa at 


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