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Online forms: Meeting Space Reservation

To reserve a room in Larsen Student Union, either fill out the online reservation request form below or send an email to with the information asked for in the form.

Please review these policies related to meetings spaces in the Union:

Policies related to meeting spaces

  1. Any student organization, college department, study group, or individual can reserve the meeting spaces.  Only student organizations and college departments can reserve rooms on an ongoing basis.  Individuals may only reserve meeting spaces for social or study purposes, not for business enterprises.
  2. Only student organizations and college departments can reserve the public spaces for public events.  Event Calendar Forms must be filled out for every event held in Larsen that is a public event.
  3. Food is permitted in all meeting spaces in the Union.  Dining Services must be contacted to either provide or approve the food that will be part of meetings or events.  Arrangements must be made with Dining Services to remove all food items which they have provided.
  4. Meeting areas are available for the confirmed reservation time periods.  It is essential that all meetings commence and terminate at the appointed times to facilitate the building schedule.  If food is a part of the meeting, and Dining Services is providing the food, please request the room thirty minutes to one hour (depending on the amount of food) before and after your scheduled meeting time to allow for their set up and take down.
  5. All meeting areas must be left as they were found.  All food and other materials must be removed or placed in the trash containers.  All tables and chairs should be put back in their original locations.
  6. No classes, labs, or any other type of curricular instruction will be scheduled in the Union.
  7. Any damage to equipment or furniture in the Union, including excessive cleaning expenses, will be charged to the organization or individual using it at the time the damage occurred.
  8. Decorations, signs, and other materials must not be attached to the walls, windows, doors, painted or wooden surfaces of the building.
  9. Any A/V equipment not available through the Union must be requested (and picked up) by the organization by contacting Media Services at ext. 6033.