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Your Reference questions are welcome.

Who may use this service?
Generally, students and employees of Messiah University. (As time and our resources permit, we will also attempt to answer questions from those not affiliated with Messiah.)

What kind of questions may I ask?
Ask anything you would ask at the Reference Desk. Give us a try. If we can't answer your question by e-mail, we'll let you know and suggest what to do next.

When might I expect a response?
Weekdays: We'll try to respond within 24 hours, often much sooner. (Librarians check this e-mail box first thing each weekday morning and at various other times throughout the day.)

Weekends: Mail sent on Saturday or Sunday may not be answered until Monday.

Exceptions: During college breaks, holidays, and the summer, librarians do check for messages. However, we cannot guarantee when a librarian will be able to respond to your question.

Help: (Please be specific. If possible, name sources you've already consulted.)