Online forms: Early Arrival Request Form

Early Arrival Request Form

This form is intended for students who have a 2022 fall housing assignment.

Completed forms must be returned to the Office of Residence Life for approval by July 15th, 2022 if a student desires to arrive prior to the following dates:
          New/Transfer students are scheduled to move in between August 19-20, 2022.

          Returning students are scheduled to move-in between August 21-22, 2022.

Students approved for early arrival will be billed to their student account.

Early arrival charges are as follows:

· Sibling of a sponsored student: $25/day

· Student Teaching: Students who are required to return early for student teaching as part of a class requirement may do so free of charge. Along with this form, the professor of the class must approve the student's early arrival.

· Students who live more than 300 miles away may move in 1 day early with no charge. However, a $75/day charge will apply for each day earlier than 1 day ahead.

  • Students approved to return early for quarantining purposes will not be charged additional fees and will likely be approved to arrive on August 19th.

· All other approved requests: $75/day (these will be extremely limited)

Requests received after July 15th may not be accepted. Those students will be required to return to campus during the traditional move-in times.

** Students who arrive on-campus and are not sponsored by a campus department will have to provide their own meals until the official start of their meal plan. Students can use cash at any of our open food operations.

** Students will not be allowed to access their room unless they have prior approval for early arrival. Additionally, Campus Safety will not distribute keys or open doors for students who arrive on-campus without approval or fail to check-in during the scheduled check-in hours.

Students who arrive on campus and are not on the approved list will be charged $100 per night/person. The $100 per night/person fee will be charged retroactively if students are found living on campus without permission.  Students who have arrived early and give their roommate(s) access to the room/apartment may also face a disciplinary consequence.

Any student who moves in without checking in at the Office of Residence Life & Housing will be charged a $50 improper check-in fee. Check-ins will only occur during the designated check-in hours (see Complete Early Arrival Info) or if other special arrangements are made.