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Student Organizations

Our Co-Curricular Service Experiences

Over the last fourteen years, the Agapé Center has functioned as an integral path for Messiah students to not only act on their faith but also on their vocations.  We believe that service is a learning experience that needs to be done in partnership, in awareness of systems of power and privilege, and in light of a biblical worldview.  These experiences complement the learning done in the classroom and allow space for students to reflect on their place in church and society.

Our student programs help achieve our mission to “cultivate experiences with community partners to prepare individuals for lifelong service”.  We see these partnerships as reciprocal and mutually beneficial.  Without partnership, our mission rings hollow, and it is only together that we can change the world from starting within ourselves. The student programs located within the Agapé Center provide multi-faceted ways to connect service and learning.

These groups are the hands and feet of the Agapé Center to involve the campus in a widespread campaign that calls students to action, to working with and for the “least of these”and to recognize their place in an increasingly globalized, pluralistic society.