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Bible Concentration and Minor

Bible Concentration and Minor

Bible Concentration or Minor at Messiah College

The Bible concentration at Messiah College is a concentration within the biblical and religious studies major, or it can be taken as a minor. In the Bible concentration, you will examine the Bible’s content and backgrounds while learning various methods of interpretation. As part of the Bible concentration/minor you can take Greek or Hebrew to further your understanding of the Bible’s original text and to meet your general education language requirement. By acquiring tools for biblical interpretation, theological reflection and religious understanding, the Bible concentration or minor gives insight into your own faith as well as providing resources for becoming leaders, servants and reconcilers in church and society.

Job options for graduates of the Bible concentration and minor:

  • Pastor/Chaplain
  • Christian education director
  • Youth Pastor
  • Bible Professor
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Counselor
  • Missionary
  • Church Administrator
  • Religious publishing