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The Link

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What is The Link?

The Link is about connection. . . but not just connection for connection’s sake. We’re talking about meaningful connection which can make an impact on the professional lives of students. The Link is an intentional effort to provide a variety of platforms for connection between current students and Messiah College alumni, parents and friends for purposes related to career exploration and development. In challenging economic times, meaningful connection is essential to today’s graduates.

The Link provides a unique way for students to hear about and learn from the professional journeys of Messiah alumni and parents. For alumni and parents, it’s a unique way to support Messiah College and make a difference in the lives of students through sharing your professional experience and expertise.

There are a number of opportunities to connect through The Link in a manner that suits participants’ time and interests.

To learn more, visit any of the following links:

We want to invite all students, alumni, parents, and friends of Messiah College to join the “Messiah College Professional Network” on LinkedIn. This serves as the main social media hub for professional dialogue and connections within the Messiah College community.