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Scholarships and Research


Scholarship Information and Applications for summer 2017

Complete applications for the scholarships offered through the School of Science, Engineering and Health.

Dr. Ray Crist Scholarship

The scholarship is in honor of Dr. Ray Crist.  Dr. Crist taught numbers of Messiah College students the art and methodology of scientific research. Students from Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, or Nutrition and Dietetics Departments are invited to submit research proposals for this Scholarship. Research will typically be conducted during the summer or the following academic year.  Research settings may include Senior Research, Department and College Honors, Independent Study, or non-Messiah College research environments.  Regardless of research location, all proposals must be sponsored by a Messiah faculty member. The scholarship is granted at $500.00 per semester.

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Paul and Elaine Wengert Endowment for Humanitarian Service Award

This award was established by Dr. and Mrs. Wengert in June 2005 to support student participation in cross-cultural, humanitarian service intended to relieve human physical suffering. Any student majoring in a discipline of the School of Science, Engineering and Health is eligible to apply for competitive funding for as much as $2,500 to participate in a qualifying project. Such projects must focus primarily on providing for basic life-sustaining needs such as adequate medical care, food, shelter, clean water, sanitation, etc. Students are required to propose projects in collaboration with reputable agencies/institutions with ongoing initiatives.

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Steinbrecher Undergraduate Summer Research Program

This endowment was established by Dr. Leroy and Mrs. Eunice Steinbrecher in 2003 to support collaborative experimental research between students and faculty. These research experiences are essential to our School’s efforts to offer premier undergraduate health and science programs.


  • Project that is experimental and collaborative in nature

  • Applicant with a cumulative major GPA of at least 2.7

  • Applicant with a major in biology, molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition & dietetics, pre-med, or pre-health or a major in environmental science, the Department of Health & Human Performance, or nursing and whose project is health-related

Some preference will be given to:

  • Projects involving more than one student and more than one mentor (i.e., multiple laboratories)

  • Applicants with a cumulative major GPA of at least 3.5

  • Applicants with greater financial need as determined by the Messiah College Financial Aid Office

  • Applicants who are Midwest residents as specified by the U.S. Census Bureau (OH, IN, IL, MI, WI, MN, IA, MO, KS, NE, ND, SD)

  • Applicants with a major in biology, molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition & dietetics, pre-med, or pre-health

  • First-time applicants

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Undergraduate Research Information

Undergraduate Research Presentation from Accepted Student Preview Day