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Financial Aid FAQs

FAQs - Financial Aid

How much are the tuition, room and board, and fees for 2017-18?
How does the financial aid application process work?
How is financial aid determined?
What is the FAFSA deadline?
Who can I speak with if I have questions about the financial aid process?
What is included in financial aid packages?
What is a grant?
What grants are offered?
What loans are available?
Can parents take loans for their children at Messiah College?
Do I have to accept any student loans offered on my award?
If my family's circumstances change, will my College financial aid be reconsidered?
What if I do not qualify for financial aid?
When are financial aid awards sent out to students?
Can I pay the College in installments?
Who can I talk to if I have questions about my bills?
Will I apply for financial aid each year?
Is there financial aid available for international students?