Public Policy Resources


  Here are a few important resources for tracking policy, from the most recent policy discussions to a more   historical view.

  1. CQ Weekly - Provides a summary of the events having taken place in Congress that week. Includes   texts of important  documents, summary of action on major bills, and the voting record of members.   Much of the information later appears in the CQ Almanac.

  2. CQ Almanac - Provides analysis of U.S. congressional legislation during the preceding year. Tracks   legislation throughout its course in Congress. Coverage begins in 1945.

  3. Congress & the Nation - Tracks legislative activity of the four preceding years.

  4. How to Trace Federal Regulations

  5. Congressional Research Service reports

  6. Library Catalog (selected heading form examples)

    United States -- Tax policy
    Taxation -- United States -- Legislation
    Immigrants - Government Policy - United States
    Parental leave - United States