Employee Record Example

The employee record widget is a great way to organize your staff or office listing.  It provides a consistent look to your page and offers several field options such as email, phone, website.  The content area allows you to list publications, additional titles, or links.

This is best used 100% width. If you want to use a two column format, go into the widget, click 'settings' and from the 'styles' drop down select 'Employee Widget narrow'.  That will make the photos smaller and allow the email addresses to display fully without being cut off.

For a real-world example of the 100% width version, please visit the Marketing and Communications staff page.

For a real-world example of a two column format, using the styles setting, please visit the Biological Sciences Faculty page.

Kim Phipps
Kim Phipps

President of Messiah University

Kim Phipps

President of Messiah University 717-123-4567 717-987-6543 image

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