Eyas Current Leadership

Eyas Current Leadership

  • Logan Peterson
  • Erica Horst
  • Megan Pendergast
  • Emily Walter
  • Alyssa Smoker, Junior Class Representative
  • Alex Vecchio
  • Casey Leonick
  • Roise Hartman
  • Alyson Blank
  • John Truitt
  • Nathan Vargas
  • Haley Blauch, Sophomore Class Representative
  • Abigail Vance
  • Bryce Woland
  • Jared Keul
  • Heather Mayo
  • Missy Martin
  • Maddie Wells
  • Cody Ford
  • Nate Castellitto

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The Eyas, student alumni council, consists of 4-5 students from each class who are currently enrolled at Messiah College and have a passion for creating lasting traditions, celebrating school pride and establishing legacy on campus.   Active members remain in Eyas for the remainder of their undergraduate careers and members are replaced upon graduating. 

What makes a good Eyas member? We are energetic, outgoing, ambitious students who love Messiah and want to promote unity and connection through our events and programs.  Being a member of Eyas provides unique opportunities to get to know other students, plan events for your class and the student body, develop your leadership skills and connect with Messiah alumni.

Are you interested in joining Eyas?   We accept applications at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters based on positions available.  For more information email!