Tariah Rozier - Admissions Counselor

Meet Tariah!

Hometown: Lebanon Pa

Degree: B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Why I Love Messiah: As a transfer student, what drew me to Messiah was the engaging staff; opportunities Messiah offers with service, growth, leadership, and field placements; the Messiah community; and the Multicultural clubs on campus (especially La Alianza Latina)!

My friends would describe me as: Resilient, loving, an encourager, a warrior, compassionate, uplifting, charismatic, an advocate, outgoing, spicy, personable, knowledgeable, friendly, caring, the sweetest soul, passionate, inspiring, dedicated, trustworthy, kind, sincere, funny, and embodies Christ in all she does (That is what my friends all said)!

Favorite spot-on Messiah’s campus: Right by the Breeches is my absolute favorite spot to sit at and to walk by it! I love to hear the movement of the water!

Favorite meal served in Lottie Nelson Dining: General Tso Chicken with Jasmine Rice and the ice cream section.

Best Place to visit around Messiah: I love walking around Harrisburg, especially Broad Street Market and seeing the painted murals around the city.


Hola! I am so excited that you are considering Messiah! It is such a blessing and a privilege that I get to help you and your loved ones through your college search process. College is a huge step! Some words of encouragement as you begin this new chapter in your life: remember you are worthy, enough, and loved! I hope to see you soon!


Territory Served

PA counties

New York counties

Berks  Bronx
Lebanon Kings
Lehigh Nassau 
Montgomery  New York  
Northampton Orange
Philadelphia Putnam
U.S. TERRITORIES Westchester


Tariah Rozier
Tariah Rozier

Admissions Counselor for Latino Student Recruitment

Tariah Rozier

Admissions Counselor for Latino Student Recruitment 800-233-4220