Email Distinction 101: The Body Part 2

Email Distinction 101: The Body Part 2

In the first part of this series we unpacked the importance of catching the receiver’s attention with an outstanding subject line. Next comes the email body.

So you managed to get them to open your email, now how do you keep them hooked?

The Body

  • Consistent Tone - Make sure to maintain a consistent tone from your subject line into your message body. This not only helps build your brand’s voice, but keeps readers from any confusion caused by a change in tone. According to Entrepreneur, “Having that same consistent tone over time is what will help build your personal brand.”
  • Receiver Needs - When trying to formulate your email, craft the message according to the need you identified for your receiver (noted in Email Distinction 101: Part 1). How can you create an experience that convinces the reader that this need can be met?
  • Direct, Simple Content - While this may depend on your audience, the general rule remains: keep content direct and simple. Boomerang suggests using shorter words and shorter sentences in the copy. After conducting a survey, the company found that people were most responsive to emails written at the standard reading level of a 3 grader.
  • Establish the “Why” - Make sure you establish the why to assure your audience of the what. Together, your subject line and body copy need to convince the reader to continue the journey ahead with your company. This continuation is seen when people continue with your call to action, also known as a response or a conversion.
  • Get to the Point - MarketingSherpa explains that on average people will spend about 15-20 seconds reading an email. This includes the distractions they may have with any images or logos you incorporate in the body. In the short amount of time, you need to convince your readers to take one step further: your purpose, call to action, and image must work together to entice readers to the next step and create message cohesion. 

For example, if you work for a non-profit organization helping children around the world, during a crucial sponsorship month, your email could focus on the following:

Purpose: Engaging people to sponsor children (Think about the most effective angle to explain your why)

Call to Action: Leading people to exactly how and where on your site they sponsor (Include direct links and step by step instructions)

Images: Pictures of the children and areas you are helping (Select a few images that are high quality and full of impact)

Take time to construct your email through the lens of your reader. What would you want to see in your inbox? What would disappoint you to see?

Discernment and engagement will help your efforts transcend. 


- Lisa Monteiro ‘17