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3+ Partner Programs

3+2 Master’s programs in Occupational Therapy with Thomas Jefferson University (TJU), a program ranked 13th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Student have two possible entry points into this program:  as a qualifying, accepted student in their senior year of high school and at the end of their first year at Messiah.  Regardless of their entry point, in order to be considered for this program, students must select from either a Biopsychology Major (3+t OT) or a Health and Exercise Science ) Major (3+ OT). 

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3+4 Doctor of pharmacy program with University of the Sciences (USciences), the first and one of the most prestigious schools of pharmacy in the country.

  • Three years at Messiah working toward a B.A. in biochemistry followed by four years at the University of the Sciences to complete the doctor of pharmacy degree.
  • For more information about the 3+ program with University of the Sciences, contact Martha Smith, Messiah's coordinator of pre-health professions advising.
  • Undergraduate program overview