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About - Department of Nursing

About us

Mission of the Department of Nursing

The Mission of the Department of Nursing at Messiah College is to prepare baccalaureate and graduate professional nurses within the context of liberal arts and sciences from a Christian worldview for beginning and advanced professional nursing roles.  The educational process facilitates the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to promote professional nursing excellence and lifelong learning.  The distinctives of a Messiah College nurse include commitment to academic excellence, service to others with insight and creativity, compassion through cultural humility, caring leadership, and reconciliation from a Christian worldview. 

Philosophy of the Department of Nursing

The philosophy of the Department of Nursing is consistent with the Mission, Foundational Values, and College Wide Educational Objectives (CWEOs), and College-Wide Graduate Educational Objectives (CWGEOs) of Messiah College. Herein are stated the Foundational Beliefs of the faculty of the Department of Nursing. 

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Program Goals

  1. Prepare beginning professional nurses to provide holistic nursing care to persons and families.
  2. Provide an environment in which students are encouraged to develop and integrate a dynamic Christian worldview into their personal and professional lives.
  3. Provide an educational foundation for graduate study for students.
  4. Provide student-centered, evidence-based teaching and learning for nursing practice, leadership, service and reconciliation.