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Ethnic and Area Studies Major

Ethnic and Area Studies Major

Ethnic and Area Studies at Messiah College

Do you have a deep desire to learn about and understand other cultures and their traditions? Are you concerned about social justice and racial reconciliation? If so, then majoring in Ethnic and Areas Studies at Messiah is something you'll definitely want to consider!

In this major, you'll gain a multidisciplinary understanding of culture combined with an in-depth knowledge of at least one culture or cultural/racial/ethnic tradition. The program's goal is to teach students how to apply this knowledge to become effective agents of social change and reconciliation.

Messiah's Ethnic and Area Studies major is unique to other similar programs in two important ways:

  • In addition to the major's core courses, you also can focus on one of three specific areas - U.S. Ethnic Studies, African and African American Studies or Asian Studies.
  • Messiah's program offers a unique dual focus of conflict resolution AND cultural understanding.
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