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Psychology Majors

Each of the Psychology Department’s majors provides an excellent educational foundation for a variety of careers in human services as well as graduate school programs.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Clinical Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology

Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology with MSOT

The Psychology Department also provides state of the art facilities to any students taking psychology courses here at Messiah. The Psychology Department's facilities become an integral part of the education process through the four programs within the department, and Psychology majors can look forward to an enhanced learning experience that includes the following facilities:

An academic building that includes:

  •     Interview rooms with recording capability
  •     Group observation/counseling area with recording capability

Physiological recording equipment for Biopsychology:

  •     Biopac Student Lab Equipment
  •     EEG (electroencephalogram - brain waves)
  •     EOG (electrooculogram - eye movement)
  •     EMG (electromyogram - muscle contraction)
  •     EKG (electrocardiogram-- heart)
  •     reaction time measurement.