Peace and Conflict Studies Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Peace and Conflict Studies Bachelor's Degree (B.A.)

Peace and Conflict Studies at Messiah College

Do you want to understand and resolve conflict in the world? Are you interested in being a mediator for peaceful outcomes between individuals and groups? A degree in peace and conflict studies may be right for you.

As a peace and conflict major at Messiah College, you'll learn about the nature of conflict and about the Christian foundations for peacemaking and reconciliation. As you learn about the relationship of justice to peacemaking, you'll also become actively involved in nonviolent conflict mediation and reconciliation through an internship or practicum.  

The interdepartmental peace and conflict major is structured to allow you to pursue electives, a minor or a double major. Off-campus study opportunities include: American Studies Program in Washington, D.C.; China Studies Program; Middle East Studies Program (Amman, Jordan); Uganda Studies Program, among many others.

Integrating academic and experiential learning into a lifelong vocation, you'll be prepared to successfully pursue conflict transformation in graduate school, the workplace, or through ministry and service opportunities.

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