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Chapel Attendance Petitions

Processing Chapel Attendance Petitions

Final determinations on Chapel Attendance Petitions are not made until after the final day to add/drop classes as this can affect the outcome of our determination. We will begin processing Petitions. You will receive an e-mail from us alerting you to the final decision. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Full Semester

Only those students who have a direct conflict with an internship, practicum, or work schedule may request exemption from chapel for the entire semester. A new chapel attendance petition must be filed in the College Ministries office for each semester the student is eligible for an exemption. Chapel Attendance Petitions must be submitted using the online form in MCSquare. You may access the form through the Campus Life tab in MCSquare.


Students who spend January Term away from Grantham may file an exemption form for that month when they return to campus.

Commuter Students

Commuters who have a class immediately before or immediately after chapel are expected to attend chapel; other commuters may file a request for an exemption.

Medical Exemptions

Students who need to be excused from chapel because of sickness or other medical reasons may request an exemption. All medical exemptions must be accompanied by a note from a physician, counselor or the Engle Center for Health and Counseling Services. Do not use this form for a one-time chapel excuse. Contact the College Ministries Office at ext. 6017 or by e-mailing for more information.

Family Emergency

Students who have to be away from campus for a family emergency may file a request for an exemption.