Chapel probation

Chapel Probation

Any student who fails to attain his/her chapel requirement in a given semester will be placed on chapel probation. Applicable college personnel will be notified each semester of all students on chapel probation.

Students involved in deception of any of the chapel policies (such as friend swiping, submitting fraudulent petition requests, etc.) will incur the maximum probation fine of $210 ($15 x 14 chapel requirements). Students will also be required to meet with one of the Campus Ministries pastors and will be placed on chapel probation for the following semester.

Consequences of Chapel Probation

Please Note: Since student leaders are expected to be exemplary in all areas, an active chapel probation status is likely to negatively impact one's eligibility for service in a student leadership position. For details, please refer to the SGA Constitution, the Residence Education Staff Manual, or an athletic coach.

Students on chapel probation will be fined $15 for each chapel under the requirement. For example, a student who attends 10 of the required 14 chapels in a given semester will be fined $60. Fines can be paid at Falcon Exchange. While chapel fee funds do not factor into the operational budget, they do support general student benevolence needs, student scholarships toward conference participation, and special student programming, as determined on a case-by-case basis.


Appeals regarding a student's chapel probation status should be submitted in writing to the Campus Ministries office within 10 business days of the Chapel Probation notification email. Decisions of Campus Ministries may be appealed to the Dean of Students & Christian Spiritual Formation.