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college ministries - Powerhouse

Passionate worship 

From 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. every Thursday, hundreds of students make their way across campus to Hostetter Chapel. Inside the chapel sanctuary, the air is filled with a lively spirit of worship, as the students prepare to experience Powerhouse. Initiated and led solely by students, Powerhouse is a high-energy praise session entirely dedicated to honoring God through music and meditation. Though participation and attendance is completely voluntary, Powerhouse never fails to attract several hundred busy students each week who have an obvious desire to worship and seek the Lord.

Powerhouse has been a Messiah College staple for more than a decade, in what was originally a small Bible study group that met at the chapel. It has now grown into a large student worship team complete with many students who have been willing to contribute their talents. You can tell that the students who are there want to join together in prayer and worship and grow closer to the heart of God through the experience. To maximize their own spiritual growth experience, Powerhouse leaders maintain involvement with a co-curricular learning group on campus called the Worship Community. The Worship Community allows students in leadership positions to share their experiences.

The Powerhouse team itself gives support to each other as they build lasting relationships and grow together in the worship experience. Students form a unique bond that involves accountability, praying for each other and being completely honest with each other, which allows for great worship together. Ultimately, Powerhouse is more than just another weekly event that students attend on campus. Powerhouse is a diverse community, fueled by a passion for God, that comes together each week to ignite one another in praise and worship of the Lord through shared music and prayer.

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