Yes. Chapel at Messiah University is a central expression of our identity as a community of Christians with a deep commitment to spiritual growth and academic excellence. Chapel is a required opportunity for exposure to forms of worship, various speakers and ideas which are put together with the intention of affirming our common commitments while they both reflect and challenge individual preferences in style. Though chapel is required as a common experience, spiritual nurture is each student's own responsibility.

Full-time residential students are required to attend 14 chapels each semester. Full-time commuter students are required to attend 7 chapels each semester.

If one or more of the following conditions apply, a student may request chapel exemption or reduction for a semester:

  1. The student is engaged in a semester-long internship or student teaching that conflicts with chapel attendance.
  2. The student is employed off campus for 25 or more hours per week.
  3. The student has parenting obligations (for their own children) that prohibit chapel attendance.
  4. The student is ill or absent from the University for two (2) weeks or more (exemption must be accompanied with an excuse from doctor or Engle Center).


The request for exemption must be completed within the first four weeks of each semester and can be accessed by students through the Student Tab in Self-Service Banner of FalconLink. Offices that coordinate student internships, nursing clinicals, and teacher education may submit a list of students for a semester-long exemption. If this list is received by the MCM office during the first month of the semester, the student will not be required to submit an exemption form. Exemption is automatically granted to students that are studying with off-campus programs for the semester. No chapel exemption is necessary or available for missing a particular chapel opportunity (e.g. sickness, field trip, on or off-campus obligation).

Yes, the chapel requirement applies to all full-time students; however, the requirement is reduced to 7 chapels for commuter students.

Click here to view our current chapel schedule.

If a student has not completed the chapel requirements, the student will receive notification that he/she has been placed on chapel probation for the following semester with the following consequences:

  1. For each attendance short of the required 14, a fine of $15.
  2. An active chapel probation status is likely to negatively impact one's eligibility for service in a student leadership position.

Chapel attendance records cannot be corrected by students. Technical difficulties caused by card readers and chapel attendance software will be reconciled within the Messiah Campus Ministries office.

MCM would like to host Tuesday evening chapels in collaboration with other groups on campus. As long as the speaker and topic fit our mission and desired outcomes, we're happy to partner with you! Submit the online proposal listed under MCM resources for faculty and staff to the Campus Ministries office to request consideration for your event. Please note we typically plan chapel services one semester in advance and cannot guarantee accommodation if a proposal is submitted beyond the recommended deadline.