Photos for Websites / Photo library

Photo library

  • The web team provides a rich digital image archive consisting of thousands of proprietary, low resolution Messiah photos. These images are copyrighted for the sole purpose of promoting Messiah University. Subjects shown in these images also have signed the necessary releases that permit this type of use. Use of these images for any other purpose violates both the copyright and release agreements and, therefore, is strictly prohibited.
  • Anyone who maintains a website on or creates a college-related digital presentation is permitted to use the images in the photo library for these purposes.
  • Images may be cropped, tilted, and color-corrected but may not be altered in other ways.
  • Images in the photo library are low resolution images which are not suitable for printed communications. (High resolution images necessary for proper quality reproduction in print communications are not available for general use.)
  • Learn more about the Photo Library.
  • To request access to the digital image archive, email the ITS helpdesk.


Photo Consent Forms

  • Anyone capturing photos, video or audio that will appear / be used on a Messiah University website or in a digital presentation for / that represents the University must have signed permission from the subject(s) that appear in the photos/video/audio. If the subject(s) are minors under the age of 18, a parent’s or guardian’s permission is required.
  • Signed permissions /releases must be kept on file by the office or department for whom the photos/video/audio have been captured.
  • Download a PDF of the release form

You must get signatures for photographs of:

  • anyone in posed photos
  • anyone in a non-public place, such as a residence hall
  • any person or small group singled out in a photo
  • minors under age 18 must have a parent’s or guardian’s signature

Signatures are not required at public events unless you single out one person in a crowd.
When in doubt, get a signature!


Tips on taking strong images

  • Keep the main subject in focus.
  • Ensure proper lighting where all areas of an image have adequate detail (not too dark or too washed out in any area).
  • Experiment with interesting compositions such as framing main subjects with something in the foreground or shooting a photograph through a doorway or window etc.
  • Look for good, appropriate facial expressions.
  • Make sure subjects have their eyes open.
  • Avoid inappropriate gestures.
  • Look for spontaneity and action
  • Make sure subjects are wearing appropriate attire.
  • Look for interesting and unique perspectives such as shooting from overhead or at a severe angle.
  • Crop photos tightly to exclude extraneous visual information and create greater interest.
  • Keep group members as close together as possible.
  • Don’t photograph facing the sun.
  • Photograph outdoors in even lighting; lightly shaded areas work well.
  • Avoid shooting available light in fluorescent lighting as much as possible.
  • Use a tripod in low lighting conditions