Content check-up

Website content check-up

Web services is conducting a monthly content check-up to help us ensure all web content is up to date and relevant for site visitors.

Although multiple Jadu users can access and edit pages, a page can only have one owner. The owner of the page will be the one responsible for auditing that page. Click here to find out how to change ownership of pages.

In an effort to make the content check-up as effective and efficient as possible, a content check-up module was developed. In the check-up module, users will be able to view all content that they are being asked to review in one central location. Each content record will include a preview link that will allow users to preview the content on that page. If the content is updated and no edits are needed, the user can simply click a button to validate the content. However, if edits are needed, an edit button is provided to allow quick access to edit the page.

If you have further questions, please check out our content check-in FAQs page. If you don’t see the answer your looking for feel free to contact Web services.

Content check-up details

An email will be sent to content editors who need to audit content. Any pages that have not been edited in over 12 months are included in the content review. Content owners have 3 months to validate that the content on their web pages are up to date.  This content check-up is now monthly and you will be notified if you have any pages that have not been reviewed in over 12 months.