Senior Year Experience

The Senior Honors Project requirement may be met by one of the following three options:

  1. HONR Senior Honors Project (2 semesters - HONR 498, HONR 499)

    A two semester project that can take a variety of forms, including an interdisciplinary thesis, creative arts project, or service learning project. All projects must fulfill the parameters for the Senior Honors Project. (See below)
  2. Department Honors or Department Project (2 semesters)

    The Senior Honors Project may overlap with department honors or a department project, but must meet the parameters for the Senior Honors Project. (See below)
  3. HONR 497: Senior Honors Seminar (1 semester - 3 credits)

    An interdisciplinary, capstone seminar for students in the Honors Program. The thematic focus of each seminar will be defined by the professor and will include intensive reading, discussion, and a written research paper.

Parameters for Senior Honors Projects #1 & #2 above:

  • Projects must be of graduate level quality
  • Projects must reflect the methodological, theoretical, and substantive expectations for scholarship in the project area
  • Projects must be two semesters and total 4 to 6 graded credit hours
  • Projects may begin during junior year
  • Projects must culminate with some type of public dissemination, such as a thesis defense, presentation, demonstration, or performance

NOTE:  Projects must be approved by the MUHP Director and faculty supervisor during the semester preceding the start of the project by submitting an application (link below) and proposal.  There is no required length for project proposals, however all proposals should include the project title, project description, time-line, resources to be used and project outcome (e.g., research paper, etc.).

Senior Project Application (click here)

To register for the credits for your senior project with the Registrar's Office, click here

For a sample list of past Senior Honors Project Topics/Title, please click here.