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"Talk Back" Conversation

"Talk Back" conversation video

Please click this link to view the "Talk Back" conversation from October 30, 2018 about the Messiah College Honors Program keynote "Manhood and Womanhood Today".


0:00 – Remarks by Dr. LaGrand introducing the talk-back conversation and panelists

6:28 – Remarks by Dr. Lane

10:06 – Remarks by Dr. Allen

15:55 – Remarks by Dr. Paris

21:04 – Remarks by Mr. Blount

28:40 – Remarks by Prof. Perrin

37:04 – Remarks by Dr. Schenk

51:00 – Question about defining manhood and womanhood, and responses

1:06:00 – Question about nature of manhood and womanhood – essential or constructed

1:13:00 – Question about the issue of transgenderism


CHP, College Honors Program