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About SaLT: Serving and Living Together

About SaLT: Serving and Living Together

Our Mission:

The SaLT program is charged with encouraging residents to practice community life, engage meaningfully with the city of Harrisburg, and examine their role in society through the lens of service.

We seek to live as hopeful members of the city of Harrisburg,
To live in intentional Christian community, and
To restore our neighborhoods and serve our neighbors.

The SaLT program is great for students pursuing:

  • Service opportunities in Harrisburg
  • Internships
  • Nursing Clinical
  • Student teaching
  • Field-based requirements outlined by their majors
  • Cross-cultural credit

Facility & Location:

The SaLT Program, located at Messiah’s Harrisburg Institute at 28 Dewberry St, rests one block away from Strawberry Square, 2nd Street, the Capitol Complex, the train station, and other downtown attractions.  A beautifully restored warehouse now serves as Messiah College’s Harrisburg Institute, which houses 25 SaLT program students, a large classroom, lounge and office space. This facility stands as a symbol of revitalization, transforming worn-down walls to a revived center of student learning and engagement.

Apartments range from 1, 2, 3 and 4 person apartments. Every apartment comes furnished with beds, desks, wardrobes, and bookcases. In each apartment there is a kitchen and bathroom. The elevator and 1st-floor apartment make the facility ADA-accessible.


There are 3 components of involvement in the SaLT Program at the Harrisburg Institute:

  1. All residents participate in the core level of the SaLT Program:
    • a consistent service commitment in Harrisburg (Primarily through Outreach Teams)
    • participation in community meals
    • All-House service opportunities
    • Book clubs and community programming (optional)
  2. Residents can find ways to connect their course work to their civic engagement:
    • SaLT residents are conveniently located to pursue curricular requirements for their major by living in Harrisburg. This can take the form of an internship, practicum, student teaching, clinical and/or other field hours.
    • A conversation with your academic advisor, faculty, or a visit to the internship center will be helpful in setting up these experiences.
  3. Residents can elect to take "Engaging the City" course:
    • SaLT residents have the option to a take a 1-credit Harrisburg Service-Learning course that will meet the General Education Cross-Cultural requirement.

Questions? email Rhonda King at

Summer & Fall 2018

Beginning summer 2018, the SaLT House in Harrisburg will no longer be an option for student housing.  Commitment to the program has dwindled over the past several years causing us to have to make some idfficult deciions.  We understand that this will be a disappointment to some students.