Professor's Perspective

A Professor's Perspective

As professors, we know how important your job is in educating students, and we would love to partner with you in that endeavor. Many times your lesson plans may include a topic of study that is an area of expertise for one of our faculty members. If interested, faculty in the areas of business, education and social sciences would be happy to visit your class as a guest speaker about that topic.

The process is simple and free. Just review the following list of topics. Once you find one that fits with your class, contact that faculty member directly to set up the date and time.

If there are other topics you would like to explore, but are not listed in this brochure, feel free to email Val Drobel at to check on the possibility.

Thank you for inviting us to partner with you!
Caroline Maurer
Dean of the School of Business,
Education and Social Sciences

Guest Speaker Topics


Dr. David Hagenbuch,

  • Ethical marketing
  • Are Super Bowl ads mindful?
  • Mindful marketing

Professor Kathleen Johnston,

  • Accounting in the business world... overview, importance and opportunities
  • Considering tax planning and preparation as a profession

Professor James Krimmel,

  • Using math and accounting skills in business

Professor Keith Quesenberry,

  • Personal branding

Professor Dwayne Safer,

  • Financial markets…where do we go from here?

Professor Rodney Sauder,

  • International accounting
  • Domestic accounting
  • Developing world context


Dr. Obed Mfum-Mensah,

  • Conceptualization of education
  • African education/world cultures—social studies

Dr. Carol Buckley and Professor Michelle George,

  • Overcoming a negative math attitude

Dr. Carol Buckley,

  • Parents, your math attitude is contagious! (Note: This topic is geared toward parents and would be perfect for a “math night” parent’s session)

Dr. Milton Gaither,

  • Homeschooling
  • History of education
  • Educational policy

Dr. Tina Keller,

  • Using picture books to engage in critical literacy
  • Opening doors through teaching English as a second language

Dr. Sarah Fischer,

  • Learning to read Being a reader 
  • Community engagement through reading and writing
  • Studying art in children’s literature

Human Development and Family Science:

Dr. Erin Boyd-Soisson,

  • Infant/child/adolescent development
  • Family history/Family folklore
  • Attachment
  • Human development and family science career exploration
  • Parenting

Dr. Raeann Hamon,

  • Intergenerational relationships
  • What —how I communicate — communicates about me
  • Family and/or couple relationships
  • Careers working with individuals and families
  • Becoming a family and consumer sciences teacher

Dr. Robert Reyes,

  • Understanding Latino cultural values
  • Latino or Hispanic- which one? Differences among Latino groups
  • Doing social research to advance social change

Professor Paul Johns,

  • Family dynamics
  • The importance of interpersonal skills and employment: what do employers look for?


John Bechtold, 

  • Why go to college: pros and cons
  • Why go to a Christian college: pros and cons
  • Pursuing faith while in college
  • The college experience 101: what to expect at college

Dr. Diane Brockman,

  • What you need to know about the college dating scene

Dr. Henry Danso,

  • Person perception
  • “The Self”

Dr. Valerie Lemmon and Dr. Jennifer Thomson, or

  • Neuro-biological and psychological aspects of PTSD

Dr. Valerie Lemmon,

  • How psychology can help when you’re hurting

Dr. Jennifer Thomson,

  • Stress and health
  • Drugs and alcohol

Social Work:

Professor Michelle George,

  • Opportunities in social work: what does it mean to be a professional?

Dr. Charles Seitz,

  • Social work as a professional career


Dr. Malcolm Gold,

  • Religion in society
  • Racism in America
  • Inequality and poverty in America
  • Zombies in popular culture: why Americans love the undead

Dr. Kathryn Whiteley,

  • Criminality
  • Prisons—restorative justice