2019 Symposium

2019 Symposium Postcard
2019 Symposium

2019 School of Science, Engineering, and Health Symposium

The 16th Annual Symposium was held on Friday, May 3, 2019.

Students presented on the research and work that they had been doing this year. Parents, families, and friends found out the work that had been part of their student's lives. It was a good opportunity for alumni to hear first hand about the exciting work going on here at Messiah and hear how the work that they started is being continued. It was a good place for high school students to find out about what is involved in the different professions that are represented in our school.

The Engineering Department had 25 presentations during the 2019 Symposium in two venues and 24 posters presented during the morning and afternoon poster sessions, and, as always, a simultaneous webcast!

The Engineering Presentations are part of the School of Science, Engineering and Health Symposium.  You can find out more information about the Symposium as a whole at the Symposium website.


The webcast is over!

You can watch recordings of the webcast at the links below.  Right now you will have to find the correct time for the presentation of interest.  The tables below the video can help get the correct starting point for the presentation you wish to watch.

Frey 110:

Frey 150:

Engineering Symposium Presentations Schedule

A complete list of abstracts for the engineering presentations is available here.

Time Location Title Presenters
8:15 AM Frey 110 Welcome  
8:20 AM Frey 110 PumpMinder Robert MacBride, Shane Braunworth, & Matthew Eshleman
8:40 AM Frey 110 Remote Monitoring of Hand Pumps in West Africa Paul Zwart, Roque Dietrich, & Nicholas Sum
9:00 AM Frey 110 Muscle-Activated Prosthetic Hand for 11 Year Old Client Erin Cressman
9:20 AM Frey 110 Safety Testing of 3D Printed Prosthetic Sockets Erik Dyrli, Thomas Pond, & Jared Rider
9:40 AM Frey 110 Village Water Ozonation Systems: The Challenges of International Water Projects Daniel Ma, Brandon Blackhurst, & Daniel Mewha
10:00 AM Frey 110 Cunningham Clubfoot Brace Katherine Prelog & Dylan Gillisse
10:20 AM Frey 110 Flight Following System Redesign Jonathan Carter
10:40 AM Frey 110 Developing a Low-Cost Optical HIV Viral Load Detection System Caleb Bornman & Lily Gaudreau
10:40 AM Frey 150 Living Love Ministries - Kenya Land Development Jonathan Robinson, Justin Blest, & Cheylee Smith
11:00 AM Frey 110 Panama Bridge Project Seth Brewster, Eric Denlinger, Troy Harris, Jr., & Calvin Trimble
11:00 AM Frey 150 Fire Protection for Developing Communities Jacob Film, Lake Bender, Victor Defrance, & Conner Reyer
11:30 AM Frey 070 Poster Session
12:00 PM   Lunch  
1:00 PM Frey 110 The Prosthetic Knee Project Vaughn Chambers
1:00 PM Frey 150 Sawyer Point One Water Filter Test System Joseph Franken & Nathan King
1:20 PM Frey 110 Destruction of Landmines with the Hybrid Thermal Lance Rachel Siepelinga & Daniel Sidell
1:20 PM Frey 150 Design of a Gravity Fed Water System to Deliver Safe Drinking Water to Villages in Vanuatu Nathan Hardman, Jamar Gittens, & Kurtis Platteel
1:40 PM Frey 110 Sustainable Mobility for Persons Living with Disability in West Africa William Feczko, Brit Haseltine, & Alexander Mantsevich
1:40 PM Frey 150 Mechanized Percussion Well Drilling Cole Hiduk
2:00 PM Frey 110 Pico Hydro Design for the Developing World Andrew Reedy & Ben Morral
2:00 PM Frey 150 Nicaragua Manual Block Press Joshua Charney
2:20 PM Frey 110 Design of a Solar Powered Water Pumping System for Living Love Ministries in Ol Kalou, Kenya Steven Carpenter & Collin Binford
2:20 PM Frey 150 Energy Monitoring and Management System Joseph Wambach, Trieu Luu, & Justin Martin
2:40 PM Frey 070 Poster Session
4:00 PM Frey 110 Paxton Ministries Site Drainage Brenden Good, Kimberly Cunningham, & Eric Weaver
4:20 PM Frey 110 Oakwood Hills Pedestrian Access Justin Witters, Adam Barley, & Treavor Moore
4:40 PM Frey 110 Sight and Sound Remote Latching System Ben Schott, Brandin Dyche, & George Noble
5:00 PM Frey 110 Sustainable Agriculture Lexi Bane, Daria Eshelman, & Isaac Underhill


Engineering Symposium Posters

A complete list of all the engineering posters and their abstracts is available here. Pdf versions of the posters are available by clicking on the name of the poster below.

The poster sessions will be held from 11:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon and 2:40 - 4 p.m. in Frey 70.

Title Presenters
Design of a Solar Powered Water Pumping System for Living Love Ministries in Ol Kalou, Kenya Christopher Benner, Joshua Kripas, Meghan Sampson, & Trey Witmer
The Prosthetic Knee Project Bryson Boettger & Matthew Tavani
Panama Bridge Project Erin Brenneman, Samuel Gobeille, & Nathan Myers
Remote Hand Pump Monitoring in West Africa Cory Brubaker & Amanda Issis
Oakwood Hills Pedestrian Access Matthew Burlew & Christian Cornelius
All-terrain, Customizable Wheelchair for Wheels for the World Emily D'Amico, Carlie Adair, Sam Fino, & Ivan Chun Hao Oon
Developing a Low-Cost Optical HIV Viral Load Detection System Alicia Decker, Nathan Chan, Brant Meier, & Morris Taylor
Optimization of the Design of a Solar Oven for Refugees Use in the Kiziba Camp, Rwanda Miriam Dixon, Justus Danielsen, Jason Landis, & Mitchell Lauer
Energy Monitoring and Management System Nathen Feldgus, Zachery Holsinger, Zachary Schmidt, & Ben Weaver
Cunningham Clubfoot Brace Aaron Bashore, Rebekah Forshey, Liam Lilienthal, Michelle Lo, Benjamin Mellott, & Leigha Southall
Sustainable Agriculture: Soil Free Farming Jared Fonda, Landon Hacker, & Noah Shreiner
Mechanized Percussion Well Drilling Nathan Henry, Nate Harnish, & Chris Martin
Living Love Ministries - Kenya Land Development Isaac Albrite & Jacob Holderman
Flight Following System Redesign Matt Hoppe & Eric Marra
Fluency Assistive Device (FAD) Michael Jenkins, Jessica Paulus, & Larry Vega
Village Water Ozonation System Jordan Criddle & John Khamis
Disarming Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) Justin Barber, Hunter Casey, Nuttapat Kueakomoldej, & Andrew Kurian
Nicaragua Manual Block Press John McGarry & Kathryn Rose
Design of a Gravity Fed Water System to Deliver Safe Drinking Water to Villages in Vanuatu Sarah Aldrich, Jordan Higley, & Ella Sobek
Pico Hydro Design for the Developing World Robert Dickey, Johnny Greaser, Cameron Kantner, & Caleb Southwick
Design of 3D Printed Orthotics and Bacterial Testing on Silicone Liners for CURE Kenya Emma Vogan & Shane Curry
Sight and Sound Remote Latching System Cory Hurst & Alexander Vollert
Sustainable Mobility for Persons Living with Disability in West Africa Helen Wiley, Katie Bunch, Dylan Derstine, Matthew Higgs, Faith Kerlen, & Emma Workman
Design of Muscle Activated Prosthesis Nicholas Ports, TJ Quintilian, Samuel Whittle, & Ryan Yoder



Information on the 2018 Symposium is available here.