Spiritual Life

An authentic faith community 

Unlike many other Christian colleges, Messiah embraces students from a wide variety of Christian faith traditions. In fact, we believe that learning from each other is part of what it means to be an authentic faith community.

Students during chapel at Messiah College.

Everyone—professors, residence life staff and the people who maintain campus grounds and buildings, just to mention a few—sees themselves as a partner in your spiritual journey and is committed to helping and challenging you to grow in your Christian faith.

Though we have a shared love of Christ and core Christian convictions, we may choose to express our faith differently. Messiah strives to create meaningful environments and opportunities to assist and stretch students in their spiritual growth, regardless of their denominational background. At Messiah you'll find connection with others through regular chapel services, worship, outreach and service, ministry, prayer, small groups and an extensive network of local churches.

Integrating faith and learning

Your spiritual life won't just grow and change outside the classroom. Our professors know your college years are a significant time of learning, exploration and experience that is likely to significantly shape your identity, so they challenge you to apply your Christian values in ways that are academically rigorous and personally meaningful.

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