Diverse Community


Reflecting the variety and richness of God's kingdom

At Messiah we talk a lot about the importance of community, and we practice it by modeling genuine hospitality and service to each other and to those outside our campus community. Our goal is to bring together students from different backgrounds who reflect the variety and richness within God’s kingdom. We continually learn from each other—through both our similarities and differences—which promotes a vital, intercultural educational experience.

Multicultural and international students are an integral part of Messiah’s community and campus life. In addition to U.S. students from a variety of racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds, Messiah College welcomes students from more than 27 different countries.

Diversity programming

Programming through Messiah’s Intercultural Office creates safe, transformative learning environments and opportunities for students to engage the world as reconcilers and servant leaders. 

As a Messiah student, you’ll experience multiple views, customs and perspectives that will help you to respond with discernment and a deeper understanding of the complexities of our contemporary world.

Multicultural students
International students
Diversity Affairs