Baccalaureate Tickets Q&A

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Baccalaureate Tickets Q&A

Why is the Baccalaureate service a ticketed event?

The Baccalaureate service is a popular event during Commencement weekend that provides an opportunity to remember, reflect and give thanks for God’s faithfulness in the education of Messiah’s graduating seniors. Seating is limited in Brubaker Auditorium, and Baccalaureate is ticketed so that the University may ensure priority seating for graduating seniors and their families.

How many Baccalaureate tickets will graduating seniors receive?

Each graduating senior will be allotted one (1) ticket for him/herself to attend plus two (2) additional tickets for family members/guests for seating in Brubaker Auditorium (three tickets total), where the service is held. Graduating seniors will also have a first-come, first-served opportunity to receive two (2) additional tickets for guest seating in Martin Commons, located on the second level of Eisenhower Campus Center, where the service will be broadcast live via closed-circuit television.

Will the Baccalaureate service be livestreamed?

Yes, the University will provide a livestream of the Baccalaureate service which may be viewed at

Do graduating seniors need to have a ticket to attend Baccalaureate?

Yes, it is very important for graduating seniors to note that they will need a ticket to attend Baccalaureate.

When and where may graduating seniors pick up their tickets?

Graduating seniors (residential and commuters and December graduates) may pick up their tickets for Baccalaureate beginning on the Monday of Commencement week. Your tickets will be held for you through 5 p.m. on the day of Baccalaureate service. After that date/time, your tickets may be released and are no longer confirmed to be available to you.

Graduating seniors should pick up their Baccalaureate tickets when they pick up their caps and gowns at the following dates and times at the Messiah University Box Office, located in the first-floor lobby of Eisenhower Campus Center.

Baccalaureate tickets are designated for either lower-level seating or balcony level in Brubaker Auditorium. If you or your guests have an accessibility issue that does not allow for climbing stairs in balcony seating, you will need lower-level seating, which includes bleacher seating and floor-level seating. Selection of lower-level or balcony level seating is first-come, first-serve. It is the graduate's responsibility to pick up tickets as early as possible if lower-level tickets are needed for themselves or their guests.

Graduating seniors must pick up their tickets in person. You will be asked to show your student I.D. to verify that you are a graduating senior, and you will be asked to sign for the tickets to confirm that you have received them.

If I'm a December graduate, or a graduating senior studying at an off-campus location (i.e., study abroad or other cross-cultural), do I still need to pick up my tickets in person?

Yes, you will need to pick up your tickets for Baccalaureate in person. However, if you are not able to come to the Grantham campus until Commencement weekend, your tickets will be held for you until 5 p.m. on the day of the Baccalaureate service. You may pick up your tickets when you pick up your cap and gown. View pick up dates/times. Baccalaureate tickets are designated for either lower-level seating or balcony level in Brubaker Auditorium. If you call the Box Office at (717) 691-6036 starting the Monday of Commencement week, you may request in advance which level seating you would like to have as availability permits.

What arrangements may be made for guests with a disability or other special needs at the Baccalaureate service?

Graduates who have a disability or special needs, or who have guests with special needs, are asked to contact the Office of Conference and Event Services no later than 5 p.m. on the Thursday of Commencement week (the day before the Baccalaureate service) at (717) 691-6009. Our staff will be pleased to discuss what advance arrangements we can make to help ensure a positive experience for you and your guests.

Guests who would like the aid of an assisted listening device during the Baccalaureate service in Brubaker Auditorium may request one that evening at the Ticket Office located in the ground floor of Eisenhower Campus Center. (No advance arrangements are necessary.) 

Are Baccalaureate tickets for specific reserved/assigned seating or general admission?

All Baccalaureate tickets are general admission for the venue to which they are assigned. Seats are not reserved by seat numbers, which is why it is important for groups who wish to sit together to enter the venue together.

If I am not using my tickets for Baccalaureate, may I give them to someone else to use?

Yes, if you are not using your tickets for Baccalaureate, you are able to give them to whomever you choose. However, you are still required to pick up the tickets in person, show your student I.D., and sign for the tickets before giving them away. University staff members are not authorized to give a graduate’s tickets to someone else on their behalf, i.e., you will not be able to “leave a ticket” for someone to pick up.

It is very important to remember that all graduating seniors must have a ticket to attend Baccalaureate. So even if you are giving away your extra guest tickets—you must keep a ticket for yourself if you would like to attend the service.

What if I lose my tickets?

It is very important to note that all Baccalaureate tickets are non-replaceable, and cannot be re-issued if lost. Graduating seniors and their guests are urged to keep their tickets in a safe place and be sure to bring them the evening of Baccalaureate. To ensure fair circumstances for everyone, all graduates and their guests will be required to show a ticket for entry into the Baccalaureate service or the overflow location.

Does anyone other than graduating seniors have the opportunity to get tickets for Baccalaureate?

Yes, but only after 5 p.m. on the day of the Baccalaureate service. After that time, tickets that have not been picked up by graduating seniors will be released on a first-come, first-served basis at the Box Office, located in the ground floor lobby of Eisenhower Campus Center, to anyone who would like to attend (maximum of two tickets per person).

Can I put my name on a “waiting list” for additional Baccalaureate tickets?

The Box Office does not manage a “wait list” or a “will call” window for Baccalaureate tickets. However, graduates and others who wish to secure additional tickets for Baccalaureate do have other options as described above.

Are tickets required for the refreshments reception that follows the Baccalaureate service?

Tickets are not required for the refreshments/reception that follows the Baccalaureate service.