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Alumni - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Meet our graduates

  • Erik Hall ’06 Biology Technical Leader/Criminalist II—DNA

    Hall’s decision to pursue Forensic Science stemmed from his passion for the field, and he advocates that current and prospective students, “Choose a field based on something you have a passion for rather than one that might give you the extra money or fame.” Pursuing what interests you the most should be the motivation behind whatever you study.

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  • Kevin Driver-
    Kevin Driver ’03 Resident in Internal Medicine at Duke University Medical Center

    Kevin's Messiah memories are full and extend beyond the lab and library. When asked about his fondest memories, he cites "cheering and throwing marshmallows at the E-town soccer game, working one on one with faculty like biologist Dr. Larry Mylin and philosopher Dr. Robin Collins, and engaging in many late night discussions with roommates and friends about history, religion and Christian faith."

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  • Matt Dorsey ’09 Production Team Leader at DuPont Chemical

    As a Chemistry major and a soccer player, ’09 grad Matt Dorsey certainly had an exciting, loaded four years at Messiah College. A college career of that caliber warrants an incredible career post-graduation, and the man behind the curtain certainly does not disappoint—Dorsey now works as a Production Team Leader at DuPont Chemical in Orange, Texas.

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  • Nicholas Tay-
    Nicholas Tay ’14 Alumus works as research graduate student at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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  • Rosanne Anderson ’07 Chemistry and Physics Teacher, Cumberland Valley H.S.

    Alum feels thankful for her career and faith journey at Messiah College.

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  • Will Tidwell ’14 Student Pursuing Doctor of Pharmacy

    While pursuing his Doctor of Pharmacy, Tidwell works at CVS as a Pharmacy Intern, where he performs duties and responsibilities held only by the pharmacist. He says, “I love chemistry, and serving people through healing is a passion of mine, so my practical application was Pharmacy, and I couldn't be happier with my decision.”

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