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About Us

The mission of the Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences is to:

  • educate students in excellent problem solving skills and the quantitative analysis of mathematics, statistics, physics, and computing and information sciences; and to
  • challenge students to live out their faith in their vocation as they become servant leaders in society, church, and the world.

Goals for Departmental Majors (Computing and Information Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematics with Certification, Physics)

The Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences will graduate students who:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Communicate in written, public, and interpersonal forms;
  • Work effectively in multi disciplinary teams;
  • Are competent in computer-related problem-solving;
  • Use the information and mathematical sciences to serve others;
  • Integrate Christian faith and the information and mathematical sciences, basing professional decisions on a Christian foundation;
  • Are prepared academically for further professional study, including graduate school;
  • Contribute as professionals to the information and mathematical sciences; and
  • Are capable of self-directed learning.