Return to Campus Plan for Fall 2020

Messiah University is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.


Mission Statement

Developing artistic passion to positively impact the world.

Picture of the High Center


The School of the Arts:

  • trains artists through a balance of discipline and exploration
  • develops students towards professional artistry and cultivates aesthetic integrity through critical dialogue
  • grounds students in the history and traditions of their discipline
  • utilizes historical perspectives as a point of departure for individual growth
  • explores new techniques, materials, and concepts as viable artistic modes
  • engages the student with experiences in and beyond the classroom
  • collaborates with a wide variety of arts organizations locally, nationally and internationally
  • encourages analytical, reflective, and expressive responses to the Christian faith through artistic mediums
  • orients students to serving the community through the arts